Roller Blinds (Light Filtering)

Light filtering blinds - allow the sunlight to brighten up your home, whilst maintaining your privacy

Light Filter Roller Blinds Blindsville

Light filtering roller blinds are perfect for living areas where you want to allow soft natural sunlight to shine through your blinds, to brighten up your home.  

You cannot see through light filtering blinds and people outside cannot see inside.  They are ideal for hiding unpleasant views.  They are the perfect medium between privacy and lighting because they allow the sunlight to pass through the fabric. This effect is created using semi-opaque fabrics and materials that are available in a variety of colours.

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All our blinds are custom-made by our Melbourne experts and perfectly fitted to your windows.


Style: Light Filtering Blinds come in a wide range of styles, colours, and fabrics to suit every budget.

Maximum Size: Width 3000mm x 3000mm Drop

Chains: High quality chain driven rollers with Metal, Stainless Steel or Plastic chains

Clutch: Lifetime warranty on the clutch

Fabric: Ultrasonically sealed edges

Geared Chain Drive: Installed in larger tubes 2500mm & above as standard, to take the pressure off the chain & make the blinds easier to operate

Privacy: Custom made interior Light Filtering Blinds are designed to allow natural light into your home while providing privacy. You will not be able to see out of these blinds & others will not be able to see into your home unless your lights are on. When your lights are on, silhouettes will be seen from outside. So most people combine these with Blockout Blinds for total privacy.

Flame Retardancy: Many of our fabrics are Flame Retardant.

Brackets: White, Ivory, Latte, Black and Grey

Base Rail: Selection of base rails in a variety of colours

Pelmets: Custom made Fabric wrapped Timber & Aluminium Pelmets

Motorisation: Light Filtering Blinds can be motorised