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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters instantly add value to your home and look stunning

Plantation Shutters are the most desirable window furnishing available on the market.  They add instant value to your home and make a sophisticated and elegant statement.  Plantation Shutters drastically transforms the appearance of any room, which is why they are the premium choice.


Plantation Shutters provide privacy and fantastic light control because you can angle the louvers to anywhere from fully open, to fully closed.  We can design your louvers to open in sections allowing you to have sunlight streaming through the top part of your panel, while being able to maintain your privacy in the lower sector of the same panel.

Frame Options:

The panels can be installed directly into your window recesses, which looks fabulous on small windows.  On larger windows, we can provide you with a variety of frames that are perfect for corner windows, bay windows, curved and triangular windows. Plantation Shutter frames look best when they mirror your existing window frame.  


Standard window panels have hinges on one side, so the panels open like doors.  This allows you to open your window and enjoy the fresh air through your Plantation Shutter louvers.

Bi-Fold Panels:

Bi-fold Plantation Shutters are ideal for stacker doors, sliding doors, windows between your kitchen and alfresco or large rooms that you want to divide.  They will instantly give your home a luxurious and classic appearance.  They have hinges on both sides of the panel, which allows them to stack to one side of your room neatly.  This is brilliant if you are entertaining or want to maximise your unobstructed view.

Sliding Panels:

We provide tracks at the top and bottom of the frame, so the Plantation Shutter can simply slide across, creating a spacious opening.  These are ideal for sliding doors.


You can open and close your Plantation Shutter with a “Tilt Rod”.  This is a vertical rod which is positioned in the center of the front of all of your panels and will give your Plantation Shutter a classic appearance. 

You can also open one louver manually which will control a group of louvers.  We can hide your rod, by significantly reducing its size and relocating it to the back of your panel and concealing it on the side.  This is called “Clearview”, because you will have no visible tilt control, for a seamless, contemporary and minimalistic finish.  

Energy Efficient:

We provide the highest quality Plantation Shutters and they are very effective at reducing the heat from transferring into your home because of their sturdy construction and solid design.  This will reduce your energy bills, which is great for you and the environment.  


We offer our clients the option to select the highest quality A1 grade Basswood timber in a stained natural wood finish, which will give your home a warm and inviting appeal, or PVC, which is available in many shades of white and will give your home a modern and elegant appearance. Both are sure to impress