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Motorised Blinds & Awnings

Home automation is the premium choice if you are looking for convenience and a WOW factor


Motorised Blinds Blindsville

Motorisation allows you to control all of your blinds and awnings together or you can select a group of blinds or awnings to raise and lower at the same time.  You also have the option to control your blinds and awnings individually. 

We offer the most current technology available in both battery and hardwired systems. Somfy motors are a favourite because they are designed in France and have the best reputation.

Our motors integrate easily with all systems, so you can control your blinds and awnings with the touch of a button via a remote. 

We can also provide you with a home automation hub, which will allow you to control your blinds and awnings via your smartphone or computer. 

The hub makes it possible to raise and lower your blinds and awnings from anywhere - even when you are on a holiday.  This is a smart feature and it will keep your home safe and secure because your neighbours will think you are home.  

Controlling your blinds via a remote or smartphone is fun, fast, effortless and efficient.  Motorisation is ideal for large windows or windows that are hard to reach.

Blindsville offers a variety of affordable and advanced motorisation options, so everyone can enjoy operating their blinds with ease.


Style: Hardwired or Battery.

Battery: These independent motors run on batteries with 1 to 5 years of battery life depending on usage.

Home Automation: This is possible

Optional “my“ function: Lets you program a preferred position for your blinds so that you can access it every time with a simple press of “my” button. Set it once and use it as much as you like!

Optional Sun sensor: Automatically lowers or raises your blinds depending on the intensity of sunshine. This keeps the interior of your home cool & protects you & your furniture from harmful sun rays

Optional Set Programs: With Somfy controls, you can program a scene that closes your blind automatically at dusk as you switch on your lights (applicable to RTS motors).

Warranty: 5 Years.